Welcome to the Oakridge/Westfir Community Events Calendar!

This calendar is a place to view events in and around Oakridge and Westfir, OR that are open to the public: bands, music, performances, classes, festivals, parades, public meetings,  etc.,   Some events and activities may cost money, so please check with the venue for further details.

Do you know of an event that should be added?

If you are know of an event please feel free to email me (oakridgeeventcalendar@gmail.com) the details you have so I can add it. Please include any and all of the following: title, date, time, location (spelled out not abbreviated), description, cost, website link (if there is one).

If you want to know why I do this please check out the why below the calendar. 🙂

This is all done as a volunteer effort and in my free time.  I will put up all the information I can locate and will include website links when available, but it’s ultimately up to the people/place putting on the event to make sure their information is correct.

Why I am doing this?

My husband and I are new to the Westfir/Oakridge area (basically if you have lived here less than 10 years you are new 😉  and we are excited to find out what is happening around town.  What we have found is that even though this is a small community, we constantly find that groups here sort of live in their own bubble and don’t widely share the events that are going on.  There have been many times that we mention a weekly event to a long time resident of the area and they have no idea something activity was even available.  We thought it would be helpful to have some sort of central calendar to let people know what was going on and get the community a bit more connected as a whole. We want people to feel connected, not isolated. This is our small way of doing that.  We hope it helps! 🙂    Cija & Dave