• Q: What is your design approach?
    If it isn’t clear yet from the rest of my site I like to keep things simple.  I tend to cut down over wordy websites but not so much you have no idea what the product is.  I also like to give some breathing space to the text with bullet points, headers and graphics where appropriate.  But overall I like to keep things simple and to the point.  I want to incorporate your preferences but will also make suggestions if I think there is a better, clearer way to present your idea.
  • Q: Are you going to talk geeky-mumbo-jumbo?
    I will make sure that I talk it terms that everyone can understand.  I don’t like it when sales-techy people try to through geek speak at me in an effort to confound me.  I will not confound you and if I use some weird tech word and you don’t know what I mean, ask me and I am happy to explain what it means.
  • Q: Can you teach me how to make changes to my site?
    Once I have worked with your site I am happy to train you on how to do simple tasks in it.  If you site is built in WordPress it may take a bit of research to see exactly what theme and plugin’s you are using to then see how they all function together.  I am happy to dedicate some of the consulting time to actually explain how things work.
  • Q. Can you build a monster shopping cart on my website, optimize my SEO and get me at the top of Google searches and rankings?
    I can do a bit of that, but it is not my specialty.  If you are looking for a simple site, I’m your gal.  If you’re looking for some sort of magic spell to make you soar to the top of Google searches and need a mega shopping cart on your site, I can make some recommendations but it’s not my happy place.
  • Q: Should I use WordPress or the GoDaddy Website Builder?
    There are many website build tools out there now, WordPress (WP) and GoDaddy(GD) tend to be some popular ones.  The short answer for deciding between WP or GD is based around what you want to do.  If you want a blogging site (with blog posts) with tons of flexibility that can behosted anywhere, WP is the way to go.  If you have simpler, more scaled down needs and are good with hosting at GoDaddy, then the GP Website Builder is the way to go.
  • Q: Am I the right client for you?
    I’m so glad you asked! Check out my About Me & You page to find out.
  • Q: What kind of questions should I ask myself if I want a new site? (These are what I will ask you during our first consultation)
    • What is your website address
    • What do you want your website to do for you/your business? Is it doing that?
    • What is missing from your site?
    • Are there features that you would like to add to your site that currently aren’t there?
    • Are there other websites you really like? What do you like about them? Would you like to incorporate some of those elements into your site.
    • Where is your website hosted (Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc) and what was it build with? (WordPress or GoDaddy Website Builder for example?)